Special DVD Announcement!

Fans buying directly from the studios’ website will receive Pre-Street availability on new releases when available, special pricing of $21.95 on all DVD’s and each sale will include a personalized gift from the studio and Noelle! “We’ll include either a handwritten card, an autographed photo or script, or some other keepsake.” Said Noelle. “Giving back makes me feel closer to the fans, and staying connected with them is what it’s all about for me.”

Release: February 12,2013 Release: January 8,2013 Release: January 1,2013
Release: September 4,2012 Release: September 4,2012 Release: September 4,2012

Release: September 4,2012


 Release: August 21,2012


Release: August 7,2012


Release: July 24,2012


Release: July 17,2012


Release: July 10,2012

Release: June 26,2012

Release: 5/22/2012

Release: 5/8/2012

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